The club was founded by Florian Radojewski who immigrated to Canada in 1963. The following year in 1964 Mr. Radojewski organized pickup soccer matches in the parish parking lot of St. Stanislaus Church.

From 1964 to 1966 “Polonia” played in the CYO (Catholic Youth Organization) league.

With growing enthusiasm and support for soccer, together the players along with the support of our parish priest were able to officially register our first team for league competition in 1967. The name of the team was Hamilton “Polonia” and finished in 2nd place in the Junior “B” league. The original players were goalie – Florian Radojewski; defence – Mietek Kozbor, Stasiu Rebejko, Tadek Frankiewicz, Jurek Krajewski; midfield – Janek Janiga, Andrzej Lipiec, Heniek Samoluk, Andrzej Ziolkowski; strikers – Adam Terepora, Zygmunt Cielecki, Henry Szpiech, Grzesiu Kata, and Jozek Antonczak. Coach Aleksander Chrapala.

Original Team from 1967

Standing left to right: Mietek Kozbor, Janek Janiga, Stasiu Rebejko, Grzesiu Kata, Jurek Krajewski, Heniek Samoluk, Andrzej Lipiec;
Front row from left: Andrzej Ziolkowski, Zygmunt Cielecki, Jozek Antonczk, Florian Radojewski, Adam Terepora;
Absent: Aleksander Chrapala (coach), Tadek Frankiewicz, and Henry Szpiech

In 1968 play in the Junior “A” under-21 league began. This year was the first year the club and an official elected executive council. President – Leonard Skibinski, Vice-president Dominik Nowak, Secretary Jurek Krajewski, Treasurer Franek Stinia, Organizers Florian Radojewski and Stasiu Kniaz.

In 1969, Hamilton Polonia won its first Polish tournament held in Oshawa.

The 1970s

In 1970, Hamilton Polonia began play in the first division in the Southern Ontario Soccer League (SOSL). Although competition was tough, the team was able to remain in the premier division.

In 1971-72, Polonia was able to maintain its position in the middle of the standings. During this time, a player who once played with Manchester United Stefan Minkiewicz and Jozek Swistak who came from playing in West Germany joined our team. Also the brothers Jurek & Roman Smigielski joined the team.

1973 – Polonia hosts its first Polonia tournament won by Polonia Toronto. Hamilton Polonia finishes 3rd in the First Division.

1974 – Polonia finishes in 5th place in the First Division.

1975 – Polonia finishes in 2nd place in the First Division, 72:23 goals in favor of Polonia and advances to the stronger Premier Division for the 1976 season. Adam Terepora wins goal scoring title with 23 goals.

1976 – Polonia finishes in 6th place in the Premier Division.

1977 – Polonia hosts Polonia tournament won by Falcons from Toronto. Hamilton finishes in 3rd place in tournament and 7th place in the premier league.

1978 – Polonia receives a huge influx of players from Poland such as Szczepan Grazyk from Ursus Warsaw and Tadek Misiak from Brzeg Odra. They help Polonia back into the Premier Division who lead the 1st division the whole season but finishing in 2nd due to poor results in the last 2 games. Two youth teams begin play in the Hamilton area.

1979 – Polonia finishes in 4th place in the Premier Division.

The 1980s

1980 – Polonia finishes in 3rd place in the Premier Division. A second team Polonia II was started in the 1st division.

1981 – Accused of using illegal players from Poland but later withdrawn by the league as this accusation had no validity, nevertheless the team did not complete the season. Polonia finishes in 7th place in the first division. Polonia and Polonia II join together to make one team.

1982 – Relegated to First Division, Polonia finished in 5th place in First Division.

1983 – Polonia finished in 5th place in the First Division.

1984 – Polonia are champions of the First Division with 45 goals for and 19 against. Janusz Slota wins goal scoring title with 16 goals. Tadek Misiak had 15 goals and Darek Bonczarowski with 9 goals. Team advances to the Premier divans in the SOSL.

1985 – Polonia finishes in 2nd place in the Premier Division, Tadek Misiak wins scoring title with 12 goals.

1986 – The Red and White are the Champions of the Premier Division with 11 Wins, 1 Tie and 4 Losses. They outscore their opponents 52:29. Gregorz Lato & Zbigniew Tracz are goal scoring champions with 12 goals each and Janusz Slota is 4th with 8 goals.
Polonia also won the “Polonia Cup” in Toronto that summer and the London White Eagles Tournament in September. Also, The old-timers team begins play in Division A of the old-timers over-35 league.

1987 – Polonia goes to Poland for the worldwide Polonia team tournament in Krakow and finishes in 4th place. Hamilton Polonia finishes in 4th place in Premier Division. Polonia Old-timers are Champions

1988 – Polonia wins the “Polonia Cup” in Toronto but drops to the First Division.

1989 – Polonia has undefeated season and is crowned champions of the First Division with a record of 20 Wins and 1 Tie, 104 goals for, and only 24 against. Polonia hosts Canada wide Polish tournament and finishes in first Place. Hamilton Polonia Soccer Club celebrates its 25th anniversary.

The 1990s

1990 – Polonia finishes in 3rd place in the Premier Division. Polonia Old-timers finish first in the Old-timers Division A and lost in the league cup finals to Europa. The first year Polonia “White Eagles” finish in 1st place in the Old-timers Division B and advance to Division A for 1991.

1991 – Polonia finishes in 4th place in Premier Division. “Polonia” old-timers are Champions of Division A, and the White Eagles finish 3rd in Division A.

1992 – Polonia finishes in 6th place in the Premier League. “Polonia” old-timers are Champions of Division A for a third year in a row. Polonia White Eagles finish in 4th place in Division A, and the first year Polonia Krakow (our third team in old-timers) finish in 5th place in Division C.

1993 – Polonia finishes in 8th place. “Polonia” old-timers finish 2nd place in Division A, Polonia White Eagles in 5th place Division A and Polonia Krakow in 2nd place Division C, therefore advancing to Division B. “Polonia” old-timers finish in 3rd Place in Chicago International Polish Soccer Tournament.

1994 – Polonia finishes in last place and drops to First Division. Polonia White Eagles old-timers are Champions of Division A who also lose in the league cup final 4to 1 to Proto. Polonia Krakow finishes in 2nd place in Division B and advances to Division A.

1995 – Polonia is undefeated and are Champions of the First Division with a record of 12 wins and 6 ties. Goals for of 46 and goals against of 16 in 18 games. Polonia advances to Premier Division. White Eagles and Polonia (previously Krakow) finish in the middle of the standings Division A. White Eagles win the League Cup defeating Polonia in the semifinal and Croatia in the finals.

1996 – Polonia finish in 8th place and remain in the Premier Division. Polonia wins the President’s trophy for Most Sportsmanlike Team. White Eagles and Polonia finish in middle of Division A. Both lost in the semi-finals of the League Cup. This is the first year and only year of the Senior Women’s Team.

1997– Polonia remains in the Premier Division and wins the Presidents Trophy for Sportsmanship/Discipline.

1998– Polonia remains in the Premier Division

1999– Polonia finishes in last place and is relegated to the First Division. 35th Anniversary.

The 2000s

In the Spring of 2000 there was a banquet organized for the 35th anniversary of the Club. Nine players from the first team (1964) has been decorated with medals of merit. Coach and manager Alek Chrapala received a beautiful picture of the photo team. Guest of honor was Witold Mankowski – Polish Consul in Toronto. Polonia played fairly well in the First Division. Old timers played in the semi-finals, but lost 3-1 to Vasco da Gama.

In 2001, Polonia took 6th place. Old timers played well, winning “Challenge Cup” by beating Hamilton Croatia. Jozef Bodura received “The most distinguished player for the 2001 season” a reward from Hamilton and District Old timers Soccer League.

In 2002/2003, both teams finished in the middle of the table in their league.

In June 2004 the club organized a banquet to celebrate 40 years since the club was formed. The guest of honor was an outstanding football player Grzegorz Lato. Polonia was promoted to the Premier Division. Janusz Szymański was the top scorer in the First Division with 16 goals. Old timers finished in the 8th place with 7 wins and 11 defeats.

In 2005, Polonia was playing in the strong Premier Division, winning 4, Drawing 3 and losing 11.
In 2006, Polonia finished in the last place in the Premier Division. Old timers finished in the 8th place in the “A” Division.

In 2007, Polonia finished again in the last place and falls to the First Division. Old timers finished in the 8th place: winning 5 and losing 13. Old timers make a nice surprise taking 2nd place (losing in the finals 3-1 on penalties to FC Burlington) in the eighth Open Championship Over-35 Masters in London.

In 2008, Polonia takes 2nd place in the First Division: winning 9, 4 draws and 3 defeats, which guaranteed promotion to the Premier Division. However, the Board of the Club and players have decided to remain in the First Division. In the final Polonia lost the League Cup on penalty kicks 4-3 to Glasgow, United. Old timers finished in the 7th place. During fall season, club had the pleasure to welcome Anthony Piechniczka, a very honorable coach of the national team, at a formal banquet. The manager of Hamilton Polonia is still Alek Chrapala, which throughout the duration of the club had put a lot of work for the development of Polish football in Hamilton.

In 2009, Polonia takes 1st place in the First Division. White and Red won 12 games, 4 draws and 2 defeats and had a 49:25 ratio of goals to their advantage. It is a pity that after a very thrilling match they lost the final match of the League Cup 1:0 to FC Iraq. Polonia White Eagles finished the season in the 10th (last) place in the strongest Division-1 H & D Old timers Soccer League. White Eagles took 4th place in the Polonia Cup Canada 2009 tournament, losing to the host White Eagle London in a penalty kicks in the tournaments semifinals.